6/11/20: Obligatory Quarantine Life Update

Hello pals n comrades :
Suppppp. It's been a while since I've updated this site. Oops! I want to say I've been busy, but that's only kind of true lol. It's been a bit of a struggle to create structure for myself in these super amorphous quarantine times. I think I've adjusted to this lifestyle pretty well though. It also helps that I've moved into a co operative living community in the city. Something abotu living in community is so therapeutic to me....balances out my autism and obsessive habits maybe. I'm realizing more adn more just how much humankind truly is a social animal. I feel pretty lucky to have a pretty poppin' social life considering these circumstances. I'm also over the moon about getting the opportunity to cultivate my DJ skills at home, since my housemates have equipment that they're pretty generous about sharing. Woohoo!

Gotta love dem stock photos lmao

I've got a big list of things I wanna do....productivity is some kind of spiritual practice lmao. I did a ritual contacting the spirit of Saturn to try to get myself to adhere to a self-created schedule, with segments of time for focused work periods alternated with unstructured time. Day three and I've already been fucking it up lowkey, had some schedule-destructive power naps ooPs.
A note on the state of the world right now: I'm really feeling the revolutionary energy afoot. Can you feel it too? It's about goddamn time. People keep saying the protests are happening at poor timing right now, and if only this movement were gaining traction sometime outside of COVID, but I actually think there is a causal connection between COVID and the BLM message finally finally mobilizing the masses to demand radical change. Think about it: we've all been holed up for months, life has slowed down, and what matters in life is coming into clearer and clearer view out of this stillness. When yet another tragic and outrageous police brutality happened, this backdrop of meditative boredom was like a still pond with a rock thrown in it when george floyd was murdered, sending ripples of unrest that impacted the collective consciousness more than ever before. It truly was the last straw that broke the camel's back. And I must say, I'm really pleased with how all around me I've noticed white people's attitudes changing drastically. That ignroance-protecting excess defensiveness that comes with white fragility has eased up a bit and people seem more open to hearing about their biases and they're actually educating themselves on systemic racism. I can hardly beleive my eyes honestly....I feel immensely hopeful. What some see as chaos, I see as holding the potential for a "complete reording of the elements" as I once read from an oracle card I pulled that I think in retrospect was predicting this moment in history. These are sacred times, honestly. The energy is ripe for creativity and coming together in new previously unimagined ways. Rage is being alchemized into hope because change finally seems like something that is on the table, seriously being considered rather than just talked about sometimes here and there. We can't start celebrating too soon, but we can remain spirited and proactive.
Below are some pics from protests I attended in Oakland and San Francisco.