tfw u realize people might actually google me and find this page....had to type some fresh words up on here for my Fictious Followers

Hello my pals....My name is Ninoa. The one and only, as far as i'm aware. Welcome to domain. feel free to look around. It's been a long time since I've added to this site but here's a slight edit just to renew my internet existence real quick (5/19/24) I don't use social media because 1) i have major internet addiction enough as is, and i don't need to start mixing my IRL life in with that, and 2) algorithms and whatnot are major mindcontrol territory and I try to minimize my access to endless scrolling feeds as much as possible especially when they're controlled by sketchy mega corps. It's tough being a gen z- millenial cusp, artsy individual without an instagram, but i make do. I think this site is one way to still express myself creatively but it's yet another of my severely neglected hobbies. Hit me up and let's start a neocities site coding club..??

Anywayssssss, I'm excited to finally make my childhood dream come true of having my own website, made from scratch. : This site is very much a work in progress as I'm still learning html and css with the aide of internet guides, amidst other irl pursuits. Part of the vision / motivation for this site is my desire to have an internet presence of some kind that is apart from social media platforms. Social media is no good, imo, as it has a bunch of detrimental psychological effects: [insert the myriad of studies and arguments here that I'm sure you're already aware of as an internet user yourself. boomers need not apply]. Moreover, I think that I'd prefer to have my internet use be more about creating rather than consuming content. With newsfeeds and endless clickholes of the recommended videos sidebars and all those kinds of features that keep you hooked the result is a form of addiction like all those 70s sci-fi novels predicted, resembling the energy very much of a cow being fattened by one of those feeder bag muzzle things they put on mules. Summoning the frankfurt school, wya, I'm tryna awaken these sheep and other barnyard animals. An article will be written about this topic too when I get around to it. I dream of a bunch of hip avant-teens and e-pals and creatives of various scenes to band together and organize some sort of movement...a mass exodus....FUCC THE ZUCC. Imagine a renaissance of online creativity and free expression away from the claws of those silicon valley lizard brains and the influence of insidious algorithms. We've got to band together tho, bc admittedly this shit is not as user friendly. But here I am, a coding n00b, figuring this shit out somehow regardless. DiY or DiE. I have some vague background in this html stuff from early days as a middle schooler customizing my tumblr themes, as well as some flash animation stuff I used to do in late elementary school, but that's about it.