Woah....hey guys, gals, and non binary pals! Welcome to my thirst trap gallery.

I go by many names, but you can call me Ninoa. To respect me as a non-binary person and acknowledge my multiplicity as a shapeshifting soul inside this human body, please refer to me with they/them pronouns.

If you have this link it's likely you found it on Lex and you're here to see what the garbajj I look like. Enjoy my gpoy. feel free to look around, stay a while. I've only got two other pages on this site up right now lol but it's something. PS: What a great app by the way, I'm likin it.

^ Most recent pic of me. I used to have bangs for years but I finally gave up on it bc I had to accept that my face is better suited for some side swept type thing instead. Sigh...my ideal gf would have qt bettie bangs tho. lol. But fuck types, I acquire a new 'type' every time I date someone new anyways. Can't let fantastiscal thought forms impede upon the reality of sexual attraction being driven predominantly by that lower chakra gut and womb intelligence.

^ Lol I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix the orientation of this photo. But then again...my own orientation is likewise resistant to orderly categorization so maybe it's fitting. ahahahahaha

^ Uhhh excuse the panties on the shelf, bc I'm actually really masc. lol. This was my go-to clubbing look in Berlin.

^But I can also be femme for fun. I'd say i'm a part time high femme 4 a full time femme...but there I go with the types again. Im just out here looking for any and every kind of connection that's mutually tantilizing or whatevah. It's probably just an insecure trans masc identity affirming thing that I'm particularly fixated on the whole bad bitch to ruin my life fetish right now lol...but alas....fantasies can and always will b semi problematiq when u think too hard about them. not tryna fetishize, just tryna realize...ya feel me.

^LMAO not again... I remember when I first took this mirror selfie a year and a half ago I was so proud of the few chin hairs actually visible without a closeup. I've got quite a few more whiskers now heh one day I'll look like this hopefully: