1/24/20: Update on my new sewing project

Hey paliossszzz :
I'm excited to share with you a new stuffed animal project I'm embarking on. I've been sewing a basic version of this 2D stuffie design since the days of my middle school holiday faires, but now I decided to update it and get a bit fancier with the eye embroidery. I'm hoping to keep perfecting this design and make a bunch more to sell on etsy or something. One down, lots more to go...I'm pretty satisfied with how this first prototype turned out.
I like to make my stuffies just the right size to keep in large pockets of clothes or to clutch like a purse. I really envision stuffed animals becoming worn like accessories to spice up dem fits lol.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Craft projects are really great filler for those times when you're bored but also avoiding WORK. Trouble is, when you make your hobby your business, that fun time fuel turns into another responsibility to avoid. But you know what, ima disregard that!!!
PS: That four leaf clover is I think the 30th I've found this month. I'm not even sure what to do with them at this point.

Next up on my to do list:

  • Replace the current text site title with an alternating code of my multiple "Ninoa" logo designs (brb gotta learn photoshop real quick first lmao)
  • Make more stuffies and link em to this site for purchase (that'll be a while tho...heh)
  • Finish my goddamn law school applications asap (continuing my higher ed is the early next steps as part of a greater creative project and not just signing my soul away ahaha I swear. I'll definitely be blogging about that)
  • learn ableton too
  • figure out how to organize this site into blog posts, and decide on a more permanent home page and what to put there